Best Soccer Shoes Cleats Dryer and Deodorizer TOP 10 Reviewed for 2023

Soccer players who are playing in wet conditions need to dry their cleats to avoid slipping. Players who are playing in dry conditions should also use a soccer cleat dryer if they want their cleats to last longer.

Soccer cleats are an investment. No matter how well you care for them, they will take a beating over the course of a season. But it’s not just about keeping your shoes in good shape – wet cleats are slippery and can cause falls.

A soccer cleats dryer is able to quickly and safely dry your shoes and boots so you can play your best game of soccer with the comfort of dry footwear.

Best Shoe Dryer Deodorizer for Soccer Cleats Reviewed in 2023

Players want to buy the best soccer cleats dryer so they can hit the field with confidence. However, there are so many different types of shoes and boots dryers on the market. How do you know where to start? We have singled out the best-selling shoes and boots dryers on Amazon for 2023. We wrote a brief review for each candidate so to help you buy the best soccer cleats dryer without hassle.

OdorStop Boot and Shoe Dryer and Deodorizer

Stop smelling like socks! OdorStop is the only soccer cleats dryer that permanently removes all foot odors, without any chemicals or fragrances. This one-of-a-kind shoe dryer is designed with two separate airflow chambers that enable it to dry both shoes simultaneously while removing all odors from within. The patented filter removes any unwanted smells from either wet shoes or sweaty feet, leaving you with a fresh-smelling pair of shoes.

You don’t have to worry about your favorite shoes ever again when you use OdorStop’s high-powered, automatic shut-off dryer. With 3 hours of run-time and a built-in timer, it’s the only dryer you’ll need.

Keep your soccer cleats clean and fresh with OdorStop’s shoe dryer. It’s a high-quality, compact, and user-friendly boot dryer that removes any unwanted odors and bacteria with high output fan. You’ll no longer have to worry about the smell of your shoes or worry about people stepping around in them. This dryer has a three-hour timer on it with an automatic shut-off to let you know when your shoes are done.

With easy setup and use, it’s the perfect item for every shoe lover. It’s adjustable tube configuration will fit all footwear including gloves. It includes 8 ventilation, 4 boot brackets, 2 air outlet caps, and a user’s guide.

DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot, Shoe & Garment Dryer

Drying boots and gloves can be a tedious chore. Now it’s quick and easy! DryGuy’s DX Boot Dryer is powered by a 220-volt, 13amp UL-approved motor that is designed to dry 4 pairs of boots, gloves, or coats at once. With just a push of a button, you’ll have your items nice and toasty in no time.

These two removable extension tubes for use with boots up to 16 inches tall are a perfect addition to your boot collection. The extenders will fit seamlessly into any pair of snow boots, allowing you to get the perfect fit without having to worry about the hassle of exchanging the original boot shafts.

Get dry and warm again with the new DryGuy DX Boot shoe dryer! This whispers quiet rotary blower is perfect for drying out your boots, soccer shoes, or other apparel after a muddy day outdoors. This small device is lightweight and compact, making it easy to take with you on the go. It comes with a 3-hour timer and heat or no-heat switch, so you can choose whether or not to dry your boots in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

LAVIEAIR Boot, Shoe, and Glove Dryer


LAVIEAIR boot, shoe dryer is designed to dry your feet, shoes, or gloves quickly. In just 2 hours, it can dry any wet shoes, boots, or gloves in the market. It is lightweight and portable for home or outdoor use and equipped with a powerful heating coil to ensure fast drying.

Stop the smell with LAVIEAIR Boot, Shoe Dryer! This amazing portable dryer eliminates odor from your shoes in just a few hours. Simply insert your damp shoes into the container and let LAVIEAIR do its magic.

Dry two pairs of your soccer cleats at once! LAVIEAIR’s heated boot & shoe dryer is the best choice for keeping your feet happy in the winter. Forget about having to walk to the public laundromat and spend hours waiting for your clothes to dry. Drying two pairs of footwear at once takes just a few minutes, and you can use this highly efficient, space-saving device with any type of footwear.

LAVIEAIR’s patented technology provides warmer, more gentle air that will not damage shoe investment. It is perfect for drying any type of shoe, including leather, rubber, canvas, synthetics, or anything else. LAVIEAIR is so gentle that it can even dry things like fleece jackets and boots.

PEET Multi Electric Shoe Dryer with Glove DryPorts

PEET is the latest innovation in footwear care. Its patented glove dry ports keep your hands warm and dry during the cold winter months, while soccer shoe and boot dryers allow you to quickly and efficiently dry all your shoes, boots, and gloves. Its patented design is the green solution to dry shoes and boots in a matter of hours while saving your hands from the elements.

Say goodbye to wet, smelly shoes! The Multi Electric Shoe dryer is the perfect solution to shoe-related discomfort. It removes wetness, sweat, and odor from shoes and gloves. Keep your feet and hands comfortable, and healthy with the dryer that dries and deodorizes.

You can’t beat PEET Multi Dryer when it comes to drying your gear fast. It dries 2 pairs of shoes or 1 pair of shoes and 1 glove in a matter of a few hours. PEET Multi also has an easy-to-use, one-button operation, so there’s no messing with settings.

Get rid of that musty odor and dry your shoes safely with the PEET Shoe Dryer. Built to dry all types of gear, you’ll be able to handle footwear from canvas to neoprene with relative ease.

If you want to customize your drying needs, PEET DryPort accessories will help ensure everything is dried out nicely.

Victool Shoe Boot Dryer

Victool Boot Dryer will be your new best friend after a long day at work, school, or soccer play. It’s a low-noise device that dries your shoes in 3 hours! This quick-drying electric warmer heat and high-quality 4 detachable tubes make it perfect for shoes, gloves, hats, socks, helmets, and more.

Victool shoe dryer not only has a built-in heating blower but also 4 pipes that evenly distribute hot air around the cleats. It can quickly dry your boots and garments at a constant temperature of 107-131 ℉. With its fast-drying system, you’ll no longer have to worry about being unprepared.

Victool dryer is equipped with an optimized heating device. It produces a gentle warm wind that will not damage your soccer cleats or other footwear. With a 3-hour timer, you can set the exact amount of time you want your shoes to dry. It will automatically turn off once your set amount of time has passed.

It is a perfect drying solution for a variety of materials like leather, rubber, canvas, vinyl, synthetics, fleece, and PVC.

Boot Shoe Dryer with Heat Blower, Adjustable Tubes, and Timer

Dry your cleats faster with the only dryer designed for shoes. This boot shoe Dryer dries soccer cleats, football shoes, and more in minutes. It’s affordable and energy efficient, with a timer and quiet operation. Plus, it has great features like adjustable tubes and a heat blower to make drying soccer cleats easy.

Keep your footwear and gloves nice and dry with this rotating drying port boot dryer. It’s great for use at home or at the gym, and it can be laid flat, making it perfect for drying heavy-duty gear like soccer shoes, winter boots, ski gloves, and more.

No worries with these safe-to-use shoe cleats dryers. It is one of the safest ways to dry your shoes quickly and with no shrinkage. No more having to stand in the rain for an hour or more like you used to. It is safe for delicate garments and custom-fit liners too.

Everlasting Comfort Soccer Cleat Boot Dryer Deodorizer

Never battle with sweaty, smelly shoes again. Say goodbye to funky odors, blisters, and ruined shoes with this revolutionary product that dries your shoes in under 80 minutes. This shoe deodorizer and dryer will make all the difference for your family and co-workers who can’t stop smelling your feet. 

Stay warm and keep your head dry with our high-powered shoe dryer. It uses a hybrid forced air drying system, drawing in air and heating it to dry your shoes faster than a conventional shoe dryer. Stop fumbling around as your gloves and hats get wet from the snow. Get them dried out quicker than ever with our high-powered dryer.

The innovative design of this tool allows you to dry multiple garments simultaneously by emitting a steady stream of warm air. This device is great for soccer players, parents looking for ways to keep their kids’ clothes clean, and people who would like a drying solution on any larger garments.

DryGuy 2207 Force Boots Shoes Dryer with Articulating Ports

Sports teams, athletes, and soccer trainers don’t need to worry about injuries or germs anymore with the DryGuy 2207 Force Boot/Shoe Dryer. This machine features a new and improved design with articulating ports to make drying gloves, skis, and boots a snap. 

The DryGuy dryer comes with an adjustable 3-hour timer and a heat setting that goes up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. It is safe enough to prevent your shoes from shrinking, warping, or otherwise harming delicate garments and custom-fit liners.

If you play soccer, this clever and convenient dryer might change how you think about sports. With DryGuy 2207, you won’t need to worry about wet shoes anymore. This nifty invention will dry your soccer shoes quickly and effectively, making them good as new.

MaxxDry Heavy-Duty Boot, Shoe Dryer for Soccer Cleats

Get your sports gear dry and ready to go with MaxxDry’s heavy-duty boot, shoe, and glove dryer. Remove moisture from your soccer shoes, gloves, and boots with ease after being washed or soaked in water. This shoe dryer is designed to be easy to use and store away. Enjoy long-lasting gear for years to come now that you’ve invested in MaxxDry.

This product helps keep your shoes and boots dry, saving time and money by preventing bacteria growth, reducing odor, and extending the life of your gear. With MaxxDry’s heavy-duty dryer, you can dry boots, shoes, and gloves simultaneously to save time and energy.

MaxxDry shoe cleat dryer is safe for both shoes and clothes, as it can heat up to 105 degrees F. (40.5 degrees C.). This is a perfect machine for those that want to take care of their shoes and boots seriously. 

This cleat dryer is an invention aimed at helping to eliminate the unpleasant and embarrassing odors that frequent your feet after a long day on the soccer field. For soccer players that hate the feeling of sweaty, smelly feet, this cleat dryer is a must-have. The device quickly dries wet shoes and feet, making it possible for them to be worn again or stored without carrying any unwanted odors.

Wrap Up

It’s almost game time, and you realize your cleats are still wet from yesterday’s practice. You don’t have time to let them air dry, so what can you do?

Having a high-quality shoe dryer will help you keep your cleats looking brand new every game day and give you that competitive edge. A shoe or boot dryer is absolutely essential if you have soccer shoes to take care of, and choosing the best one is a delicate process.

With so many different options available, how do you know which one is really the best shoe cleats dryer for your needs? Follow this guide to choose the best shoe dryer for soccer cleats.

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