soccer vs lacrosse cleats

Soccer Cleats vs Lacrosse Cleats

Soccer and lacrosse are great sports, but the shoes they require are different. As a result, many people get confused about what cleats to buy for these two sports. Soccer requires cleats with metal studs on the bottom for better traction on wet or slippery surfaces. Lacrosse requires rubber soles and studs on the toe for better grip when sliding or pivoting. What are the main differences between soccer and lacrosse cleats anyway?

The Difference Between Soccer Cleats and Lacrosse Cleats

Cleated shoes give you the potential to dig your heels or the front of your foot into a grassy playing field and zoom in any direction.

One of the most underrated and under-utilized benefits of cleated shoes is the traction they offer. When your foot is firmly pressed into the ground, you have a lot more traction and better control over your movements. This might not seem important in a game of tennis, but it’s crucial to every other sport, including football, baseball, soccer and lacrosse.

We have summarized a few main differences between soccer and lacrosse cleats to guide users in knowing how these two types of cleats differ.

Ankle Support – Soccer Vs Lacrosse

Ankle support is one of the most important factors to consider when buying cleats for soccer and lacrosse. Soccer cleats are designed to be lightweight and offer a minimal amount of ankle support, while lacrosse cleats offer a great deal of ankle support.

When choosing the best cleat for your sport, it is important to take into consideration the type of movements you will be making. Soccer players need a low cut cleat so that they can change directions easily and quickly. Lacrosse players need a high cut to offer ankle support and keep their feet from slipping inside their shoes when running up and down the field.

Lacrosse cleats offer you a choice of a three-quarter or mid-top shoe. Because of the need for ankle support for lacrosse, trainers recommend staying away from low-cut shoes.

While choosing the right lacrosse cleat for your feet, you want to make sure you find a balance between comfort and safety. Low-cut shoes are not appropriate for lacrosse because of the necessity for ankle support when playing. Mid-top shoes offer more support and cover most of your calf, while three-quarter top shoes cover only up to mid calf.

Cleat Pattern and Stud Length

The another difference between soccer cleats and lacrosse cleats is the use of studs. Soccer cleats have no stud at the toe, while lacrosse cleats use a stud at the toe to help with stability.

Soccer studs vary in length, but they tend to be about a half-inch long. Lacrosse players typically wear cleats studs that are no longer than one-half inch.

Baseball players traditionally wear a metal cleat on their shoes, but both soccer and lascrosse have banned metal cleats in order to prevent injury. Soccer players use the studs on their footwear to gain traction, while lacrosse requires more mobility with a limited amount of equipment.

Soccer cleats are designed to be used on a variety of playing surfaces. Their molded rubber soles or more expensive models with replaceable studs can be screwed in so that they are the right length, depending on the field conditions.

Cleats Weight

It’s hard to find a pair of cleats that suit your needs so you’re forced to compromise. If you’re playing football, for example, it’s best to get heavier cleats for the grip and durability. If you’re running on a track or playing lacrosse, then lighter cleats will do the trick. Soccer is somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.

With a lacrosse shoe, the extra material higher on the ankle protects the ankle joint and provides stability to give athletes an edge. These extra materials are usually foam or molded rubber.

Soccer shoes are a suitable alternative to lacrosse cleats. The weight of soccer shoes is quite close to the a lacrosse shoe’s, although lacrosse play requires more ankle protection.

Lacrosse, a game similar to hockey and soccer, is played in most parts of the world. The game requires quick feet and fast reaction time. Players are required to play with a stick that they must maneuver quickly to hit the ball into their opponents’ goal. Soccer shoes are specially designed for speed and agility, which is great for a lacrosse player.

The toe stud is what gives most lacrosse players the advantage. These cleats are specifically designed for the sport, and the toe cleat helps a player keep their feet in place while running up the field. As soccer cleats don’t have a stud on the toe, you can’t wear a lascrosse cleat in soccer.

Wrap Ups

Soccer cleat is one of the most versatile cleats on the maret. It can be worn in other sports in a pinch. But you cannot wear baseball or lacrosse shoes that have a toe cleat in soccer. It’s not safe.

Soccer cleats are the most versatile type of cleat. You can wear soccer cleats in many other sports, however you can’t wear any cleat, e.g baseball or lacrosse shoes having a toe stud, in any soccer play. The toe cleat is not safe for soccer because it could damage the field, injure others and interfere with the ball.

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